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Our Board of Directors:


William Adragna --

Vice President/Orator

Dr. Anthony DiPerna --


Pasquale "Pat" Rankin --


Paul Pontrelli --


Philip Cerbini --


Russell DiPerna --

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This space on this page is for members who have businesses which they would like to advertise  free of charge by submitting a business card .jpg or .gif or .jpn or a link to their business site, or any other small business advertisement file that can be inserted here. THE USE OF THE SERVICES OF ANY SUCH BUSINESS'S SHALL BE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE SEEKING THE SERVICES AND SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED AS AN ENDORSEMENT BY THE IAHSBR.

We will also use this space for local merchants who would like us to insert a link to their business or display their business card or would just like us to list their name, address and phone number. There will be a small fee for this, so send us an e-mail or use the form at the bottom of the home page to contact us.

One of our members just had his computer repaired at South Florida Computer Specialists in Boca that treated him very fairly. They fixed his computer and didn't rip him off on the price. Here is a link to the company's website. If you have a computer problem, don't be afraid to give them a call, and don't forget to mention that you're a member of the IAHS.


Daria Wels makes house calls and accepts Medicare!

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